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Not-so-obvious ways to celebrate this Valentine’s day as a couple

Lately I’ve been dreaming you in leather, me in lace

Let’s put up the teddy bears, and get out the whip and chains

[Ashley Monroe - Weed Instead Of Roses]


With Valentine’s day being just around the corner, all the couples begin to come up with ideas on how to celebrate their love. Some might like the good old going to the restaurant, gifting flowers, and some frisky time at home afterward routine. But some might want to switch things up and try something new. If you feel like you’re inclined towards the latter, here are our ideas on how to celebrate this Valentine’s day in a more unusual way.


Have dinner but not in a restaurant

And not at home. Order some takeout or cook food at home and then go somewhere in nature to savor it and each other. It could be a spectacular spot you can enjoy sitting on the hood of your car or someplace you can even have a nice bonfire adding romance to your time. This way, you can get true solitude as a couple while also avoiding the hassle of overly crowded restaurants. 


Have fun gaming at home

Are you both gamers? Then don’t succumb to the pressure to go out for Valentine’s day — make it an excuse for you to stay at home and have some guilt-free gaming time. Choose the game you can play together, order some pizza or other indulgent food you like, and lose yourselves in a virtual world. Honestly, there hardly is anything else that can bring couples together as much as games do. You can also throw on some thrilling lingerie and leather to make this gaming night truly special.


Go for a bar crawl

Who needs to sit in a restaurant? That’s boring! Choose several bars you want to go to and do a bar crawl. Or just drop by one and see where the night takes you! It’s a fun adventure that will create cool memories — or a lack of them for that matter — and even let you find new like-minded friends. To ignite your night, amplify your look with daring leather to astound all the people you meet. Let your partner savor the attention you get to feel pride for having such a beauty by their side.


Get risky

Does lovemaking at the home sound not that exciting anymore for you? Do it not at home! The captivating fear of being caught fuels the passion and creates truly unforgettable emotions. Just be careful — you don’t want to face serious consequences besides feeling flushed for getting caught. So choose places wisely.


Let it be a spa night

A couples’ session at a spa is a great way to connect on a spiritual and physical level. Some steamy hammam and couples’ massage can do wonders to the force of attraction between you two. You can also choose masseuses of a specific gender to add some edge to the experience.


Dive into a roleplay

What day if not Valentine’s is the perfect time to disconnect from the outside world and focus on each other? Dedicate this day to your favorite roleplay and let each other take a break from your daily selves as you completely immerse yourselves into the roles that make you feel free. So turn off your phones, get all the leather and toys out of the drawers, and let the fun you truly enjoy begin!


What’s your unusual way to celebrate Valentine’s day? Share your ideas in the comments — we’re impatient to see what you’re up to!

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