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Complimentary domestic shipping on orders over $200

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Leather Harness Bra: Superb Quality, Astounding Design 

Wearing traditional and casual underwear may become boring. That’s why we are in a permanent search of striking and unusual models of lingerie. MARIEMUR offers a vast choice of women’s bra, panties, and accessories to fit your taste. Here you will find tempting and bold but comfortable items suitable both for everyday wear and special occasions. And if you’re looking for a leather harness bra, you’re definitely in the right place as we offer numerous designs. It’s not only an interesting detail of underwear but also a perfect way to look and feel more attractive and alluring. 

Our online store MarieMur.com is an ideal place to buy your first harness bra or to add new models to your collection of luring leather chest straps. A wide choice of various samples meets an expectation even of the most demanding clients.    

Leather Chest Harness: Main Peculiarities 

The leather chest harness is a special type of accessories. More modest and classic options will be a good choice for spicing up the office or business outfit. And if you’re looking for an accessory for a special event, you can go for bolder models. Moreover, a leather chest harness will make your night with your partner even more unforgettable. 

At MarieMur.com you will find different types of harness bra. All of them are of the excellent quality and thoughtfully designed for your own comfort. All the details of sets emphasize the beauty of your body. You don’t need to worry that straps will harm your skin — we use soft real leather that feels great even on a bare body. You can also adjust the harness bra so that it fits your shapes perfectly. Strappy harness bra is a bewitching accessory that will let you steal all the hearts. It will help you to show off your gorgeous  body and feel even more confident.     

Choosing the Right Leather Chest Straps

There is a big misconception that you can wear a harness bra only inside your bedroom. A well-designed and delicately selected option can be used as an engaging accessory. Depending on your needs, you can pick up the best variant for any outfit. To savor wearing women’s leather chest harness, it’s necessary to consider such aspects:

  • Size of the chest or chain set. At MarieMur.com you’ll find an outstanding collection for any size. But before you make an order, please, study the size guide and measure yourself;
  • The quality of the used materials. Both strappy cage and accessories are of top quality. The leather is smooth and is pleasant to the touch;
  • Color. The most popular color is black. It suits any outfit and skin shade. Yet, here you can find other colors, too;
  • The number of straps. Someone likes strappy variants while others prefer minimalism.

Women’s Leather Chest Harness: Popular Models

A black harness bra is the most popular choice on our website. There are many models available. Poppy, for example, consists of just a couple of thick straps. It’s an ideal option for those who are buying such a bra for the first time.

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