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Marie Mur

X Giu Hellsing

Meet inspirational people that share our view of the world

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Meet Giu Hellsing

Meet Giu Hellsing, one of MARIEMUR’s gorgeous muses. Giu Hellsing is an absolutely astounding beauty with a vivid personality and audacious nature.

Why do you choose MARIEMUR? 

Besides the amazing and unique design, MARIEMUR items are of great quality and you can see it in every single piece. The lingerie is very detailed, the harness material is strong but comfortable at the same time. And the colors are my favorite! Every time I wear MARIEMUR I just feel powerful.

What do you like the most about MARIEMUR? 

The idea of extolling female beauty in the posts, many types of body shared, multiple photos and videos celebrating when women feel sexy without any judgement. It's always a plus when we see amazing lingerie and harnesses made especially to make us feel confident and special. 

Giu Hellsing adorned


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