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Marie Mur X Mandy

Inspirational people that share our view of the world

Get your dose of aesthetical inspiration from our fruitful collaboration with mind-blowingly stunning influencers.

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Meet Mandy, one of MARIEMUR’s gorgeous muses. Mandy is a jaw-dropping mix of rebelliousness, daring mind, and lush beauty.

Why do you choose MARIEMUR?

I choose MARIEMUR for the quality in fabrics, the way it looks and makes me feel. The combo of delicate lace & leather is not just sexy, but also incredibly classy and that’s what thrills me about wearing and working with MARIEMUR.

What do you like the most?

The way it makes me feel! All my modeling & photography content wearing different MARIMUR sets not only looks unbelievable, but also empowers so many woman around me and also on social media. So many woman seem to be liberated and empowered by it.

Mandy adorned


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