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Creating that special movie night: your ultimate checklist - MARIEMUR

Creating that special movie night: your ultimate checklist

A cozy and romantic movie night at home is one of the best ways to spend your evening as a couple. We’ve created a quick yet complete checklist to help you make sure everything goes right and nothing will upset your special time together!

Pick the movie in advance

The worst thing ever is to begin your romantic evening with arguing over a movie and struggling to pick one for eternity. So just do that in advance to jump right into watching when the time comes. Consider your and your partner’s likings to first choose the genre and then pick the right movie you both can truly enjoy. Don’t restrict yourself to love movies — even a horror or an action movie can gift you a fun and fulfilling night.

Think through the food

It’s a cool idea to pick the food based on the movie you’re watching. Decided to watch something filmed in Italy? Order pizza! Watching something French? A cheese board would be a nice choice.

Prepare everything to be next to you while you watch — from sour to sweet snacks to drinks — so that you don’t have to make trips to a kitchen interrupting your movie. And remember to stick to something not too heavy — you want to have some sensual time afterward, don’t you?

Get a projector

Home projectors are inexpensive but, trust us, they make a huge difference! You can basically create a home cinema with just one projector and watch a movie on a bigger screen. But think of the wall you want to project the movie on, too. You might want to get a projector screen as well for the best picture — it’s also inexpensive, and remember, you will use it again in the future. If you want, you can also invest in sound speakers to surround you with sound. 

Make sure no one bothers you

Make it a no-phones night. The world won’t blow up if you two don’t answer texts or calls for one evening. If you have relatives or friends who tend to get worried when you don’t answer, warn them about your special night. It’s important that you two just focus on each other without letting anyone interfere. Make this evening and night just about you.

Set the mood with your looks

Romantic nights call for thrilling looks, don’t they? Indulge in the sensual touch of lingerie and leather to set the right mood for your evening and please your partner with your luscious beauty. We’ve picked out some items for you to consider:

Poppy Leather Set in pink 

Tender pink and daring minimalistic lines of the Poppy leather set will be just the right choice for a romantic yet passionate night. 

Gera Leather Fullbody in red

The red shade is one of the most provocative colors in the world. And if you fuse this hue with daring leather, you will get that audacious flair of Gera that makes it impossible to resist you.

Kara Leather Fullbody in dark blue 

Craving something truly unusual? The unique deep shade of Kara in dark blue is exactly what you seek! Let it entwine your body and amplify your scrumptious curves.

Cherry Bodysuit in red 

Sheer red mesh embracing your delicious shapes creates a truly bewitching and irresistible look that will make your night unforgettable.

Bryony Lingerie Set

One of our most audacious lingerie sets, Bryony fuels imagination and makes hearts tremble. Put its power to the test during your special night!

Now, you’re all ready to start preparing for that movie evening! We hope, it will be truly passionate, pleasing, and impossible to forget. Tell us your special tricks for romantic nights in the comments!


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