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Show off your desires with a tempting BAED Stories lingerie set

We all want to shift the roles and behave like a different person sometimes to let go of all the worries and add some spice to our lives. That’s why we’ve created the BAED Stories lingerie collection — to let you ease yourself into a playful and enticing role of your choice. Feel the luxury of being someone else for a while to escape the everyday routine.

This collection is not just about beautiful underwear. It’s about empowering women and helping them to unveil their deepest desires. These sets are nothing like those roleplay costumes we’re used to. Every BAED Stories set looks expensive and is handcrafted of high-quality materials to fit women’s bodies perfectly.

Explore enticing BAED Stories underwear to set the mood

We’ve designed BAED Stories lingerie to look not only irresistibly tempting but rather plausible, too. It creates a seamless experience allowing both you and your partner submerge into the game completely. We’re using the best materials such as lace and silk to handcraft each BAED Stories lingerie set to make ladies feel confident and powerful as they wear this lingerie.

With BAED Stories underwear you’ll never need to worry about your looks. We’ve created all designs with the thought of women’s bodies to be sure all these items fit you perfectly. On our website, you’ll find a wide range of sizes, so you can be sure you’ll get the bra and penties that feel comfortable and look good on you. Also, if you feel like you need a custom size, you can contact us for a personalized order — the price will remain the same We will handcraft items by your measurements so that you end up with a BAED Stories set that fits you best.

Thus, we’re trying to create a good experience with online shopping because we know that it’s quite hard to buy clothes in an online shop. At Marie Mur, you can always get items that truly fit you and enjoy items for sale. Our goal is to provide all the gorgeous ladies with the best place to purchase playful lingerie.

What does a BAED Stories set look like?

BAED Stories underwear comes in different designs — you can see all of them on our site. The choice varies from lacy outfits to strict attires like the Rider set. It’s up to you to decide which character fits you better — an innocent white angel or a dominant tamer. Whatever you feel like, we have a BAED Stories lingerie set that will satisfy your desires.

Before you buy a set, please familiarise yourself with our size guide to be sure that lingerie will fit you nicely. However, if you receive your order and it won’t be of the required size, we can replace it with a correct one. Just make sure you didn’t wear your set, and it’s completely clean. Also, subscribe to our email list to receive all the news about sales and new collections, and valuable tips on how to care for your lingerie and leather accessories.

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